Birth chart data appears to be incorrect

The charts on use the Aries 0 Ascendant system.  These do not directly compare to other calculations like Placidus.

If you still believe that data is incorrect, then make a comparison between your chart and When you enter the same information, your chart details should match (at least to the sign and degree).

If your chart does not match, then check your birth data, by viewing your profile.

Follow these diagnostic steps in order:

  1. Check your birth time: It should appear in 24 hour time (in the format 20:08 for 8.08pm showing a colon between the hours and the minutes.)
  2. Confirm that you have put correct location data in to the site
  3. If you have used Lat Long information to sharpen your birth data – confirm it is the correct location.  You can do this by viewing your birth data and clicking on the lat long coordinates.  Your entered birth location will be shown on a map.
  4. Next, go to Your Profile and edit your birth date. Press Clear Date and re-enter your birth data (be sure to enter your birth data carefully, you can only change this information three times before your birth data is locked to further changes. Don’t forget to update your profile to set the birth data information.
  5. Still seeing a problem? Contact us using the support information provided to you when you registered as a member and we will be happy to look into it for you.  When you joined you will have received an email with information on how to contact support.  Look for the email subject “We are here to help! Welcome to”
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