Why hasn't Jessica responded to my comment?

While some comments are answered, there are many comments which will go unanswered due to a lack of available time, and unfortunately one of the unanswered questions may be yours.

While Jessica would love to respond to every question or comment, it is not possible because so many comments are received.

Even if Jessica has answered one or a number of questions from you in the past, this does not influence whether she will respond to your questions now or in the future.

Jessica's first priority is to research and create astrology content for you and all website visitors. This content appears on her website, her magazine columns and her books. With any other time she has available to her, she then responds to comments from website visitors.

If you have asked a question and it remains in moderation without a response, thank you for your question however for all the reasons outlined above it is possible that you may not receive a response.



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