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All comments posted to are moderated.  This means that while a post will be visible to you, if you are logged in, if it is ‘held for moderation’ it is not seen publicly.  If we believe that a comment should not be posted because it contains personal information (or for any other reason) then it will remain in the ‘held for moderation state.

Jessica personally responds to as many of the comments and questions as possible, however due to time constraints and the large volume of questions received, not all questions can be answered. By leaving a comment you grant Goddess Media to publicly display your comment including your name. The content of your comment will be searchable and may appear in search engine results. You should not post any information you do not wish to be made public and there is no private commenting on this website. You are responsible for all content you post on this website.

As a user of this website you agree to be bound by our terms of service which can be found here.

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